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Geschrieben von JeNeI am 02.02.2010 um 11:35:

  Renault Laguna II,III and Coupe

Hi.I saw that you like Renaults.The collection is almost complete just the Laguna II,III and Coupe are missing.Can you do them please for GTA SA?
I'd really appreciate it.Sorry for posting in your thread. Augenzwinkern

Regards,Jenei Arnold.

Geschrieben von BLITZ am 02.02.2010 um 14:07:


Before open topics you should search first and read some rules, cuz Bigtwingo isn't login from 28.01.2009. First I think isn't right to open topic here ( if you see, some of them are open only by Bigtwingo and like arturobeltran that he have done the same thing open topic on his part of Bigtwingo forum ) to ask or request for something. This isn't the right section for what you ask. You can request here.

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