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Geschrieben von itakha am 24.07.2010 um 13:17:

  Oblivion - Diverse Teile von SA nicht betretbar

Hey, ich hatte davon schonmal im ENB Thread gesprochen, dass mein GTA immer in bestimmten Teilen von der Map crashed.
Ich liste mal ein paar auf:
Ich habe nur den Oblivion 2007 HQ mod drin, mehr nicht, wieso crashed das Game dann?Alle Autos hab ich auch schon durchgecheckt und alles funktioniert aber wieso diese Teile vom Spiel nicht?Im ENB Thread haben sehr viele Oblivion und bei ihnen crashed das Game in den Gebieten nichtwhat Wie gesagt, Map Mods sind nicht drin nur Oblivion.Hoffe ihr könnt mir helfenGreetz victory

Geschrieben von BLITZ am 24.07.2010 um 14:14:


Better you should start take a look on my Tutorial of SRT3+ Project Oblivion and you will escape of those nasty bugs.
I hade the same problems over and over again, I couldn't reach 50 Tags to be sprayed out cuz on Los Santos, the game crashed and after playing only 10 minutes of the game.
I was so pissed off about this situation and started to take Project Oblivion step by step finding out the problems that cause this crashes.

Finding out that real.img is full of bugs because 2007HQ is not a complete mod, if you look at some .col files where you see there some sea plants and a big building. So I started to transfer Project Oblivion into gta3.img whitout chaning something from the DATA folder. Augenzwinkern

You want to get ride off them, check my topic.
Doesn't matter is with SRT3. You can do it with the default game too by following the same way I've described there.

SRT3+Project Oblivion: Making Them Both Work

Geschrieben von itakha am 24.07.2010 um 16:06:


From which step I have to start? I dont want to make any mistakes, because my Game is modded with Cars, that I dont have anymore and it is so much Zunge raus

Geschrieben von BLITZ am 24.07.2010 um 16:40:


You need to read and understand the hole tutorial.
I forgot to say, that after doing this job, I have so much luck that I can't play a hole day SA and one crash to not have and it happend.
I get sometimes, some crashes like 1 or 2 per day, but sometime show I've said above, no crash per day. Good, no ?! .svenn

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