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Downloads » Dodge SA » Dodge Charger SRT8 v1.3 Download-Infos
Dodge SA Dodge Charger SRT8 v1.3
02.05.2007 von EaGames, converted by Impostor
Dodge Charger SRT8 v1.3

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Dodge Charger SRT8 v1.2
Car is originally by EaGames: CARBON
Edited, textured and converted to GTA SA by: Impostor

2 BODYKIT, 2 EXTRA and 2 Paintjobs
Engine, add correct doorlines and damage parts

PLEASE write English for comments, thx
Grösse 2,1 MB
Downloads 19069
Datum 02.05.2007
Kommentare 13

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Lurven1337 ist offline Geschrieben von: Lurven1337 am 22.11.2007 - 17:08   #13
Looks pretty nice but please make a 4 doored version. This car looks alot better with 4 doors.

Carlover ist offline Geschrieben von: Carlover am 04.05.2007 - 03:19   #12
hi buddies i was checking the 300c of imposter n charger too.
my point is, i add just 300 C bodykits into charger it looks good
but if u add charger carmods line into 300 C it looks a new
small charger but looks ver awesome try it on ur pc he eheh e.
good job imposter or imposter created 2 in 1 car that is 300 C +
Charger good1 ......

See the pics n reply me here.....


hope u like my idea!!!

Marauder ist offline Geschrieben von: Marauder am 03.05.2007 - 22:02   #11
Not a carbon hood, just a black one like the real AAR Cuda. You apparently haven't seen one yet.

Roberto ist offline Geschrieben von: Roberto am 03.05.2007 - 21:24   #10
That shit have bad Engine and have Carbon hood...

Marauder ist offline Geschrieben von: Marauder am 03.05.2007 - 20:43   #9
The AAR Cuda is completely like it was original in 1970. gelangweilt

DimazzzZ ist offline Geschrieben von: DimazzzZ am 03.05.2007 - 19:21   #8
Best CUDA by Pumbars glücklich
Nice car, Imp

Marauder ist offline Geschrieben von: Marauder am 03.05.2007 - 17:46   #7
@Roberto: Look at the car section. There is already a perfect Cuda Ragtop and an AAR from 1970.

Marauder ist offline Geschrieben von: Marauder am 03.05.2007 - 15:41   #6
And it doesn't look bad, but will there also be a 4 door version in future?

DJ_D ist offline Geschrieben von: DJ_D am 03.05.2007 - 14:29   #5
This is a special Edition. This shows how the charger might look like if it only had 2 Doors.

Marauder ist offline Geschrieben von: Marauder am 02.05.2007 - 22:56   #4
Nice Job. Biut where are the backdoors? The Charger is a 4 door sedan!

Jonathan ist offline Geschrieben von: Jonathan am 02.05.2007 - 15:57   #3
Great work, great car, though i have to say i want to see new things.

Carlover ist offline Geschrieben von: Carlover am 02.05.2007 - 11:19   #2
Now every bug is fixed thats kool.Now imposter u have to create Suv like Caddilac Escalade,
which will be good for sa n ur tons of modz

CaLLiBRi ist offline Geschrieben von: CaLLiBRi am 02.05.2007 - 01:37   #1
Wow this car is very great. And the tuned version is cool, too. Normaly I hate so much tuned cars, but this version is great and not so overtuned;)
I hope you convert more of them? grosses Lachen


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