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Honda SA Honda Accord Type-S
01.08.2007 von Timon (c)
Honda Accord Type-S

Mave Keiby's Hidden Parkplace

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Honda Accord Type-S (2003)

The author of model and convert - Timon
Author Email
Skins by Mave Keiby

Polycount - ~ 49000
Model replaced by default in game - Sultan

The description

Type-S - it is the most powerful version of Accord, which suppose bigger capacity of engine,
than other versions, sport suspension, exhaust, lightly alloyed disks and other sport attributes.

peculiarities are:
- low polygons in the presence of good quality;
- detail worked interior and other parts of car;
- own shadow and collision;
- original adjustments of physic car;
- possibility of tuning in the Arch Angels;
- 4 unique skins by Mave.
Grösse 2,1 MB
Downloads 32248
Datum 01.08.2007
Kommentare 2

Wertung ø 5,67
3 Stimme(n)

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CRAZY_RUSSIAN ist offline Geschrieben von: CRAZY_RUSSIAN am 21.01.2008 - 20:09   #2
nice skin bäh

SkirmisH ist offline Geschrieben von: SkirmisH am 01.08.2007 - 13:56   #1
I like the car very much grosses Lachen The front of the car looks so cool cool


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