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Mercedes-Benz SA Mercedes CL500
21.08.2007 von Ken7394, converted by mashinata
Mercedes CL500

Author: Ken7394
Converted and edit by:: mashinata

Ascendence the Revolution

Special Topic for more screens and comments

1 Extra Part
2 Car Colors
1st Color - Body
2nd Color - Interior
Working interior gauge lights at night
Front & Rear SA lights
Front & Rear SA plates
3D engine
Damage Models of most of the parts
Mid-High Poly Model
Stock MB Colors
High quality textures
PetrolCap dummy (The car explodes when you shoot the Gas Tank)
Realistic Material Settings
Realistic specular and reflection
Custom & realistic handling line
Custom shadow and collision
Very good modelled and looks great ingame

Ken7394 - for giving me permission to work on this great car
Piohh - friendship, beta testing
Wired - advices, friendship, beta testing
TobiE36 - friendship, beta testing
Aboodilatif - friendship, beta testing
Takumi - friendship, beta testing
EuropeanBoy - friendship, beta testing
ALEXE - friendship, beta testing
Grösse 2,0 MB
Downloads 31329
Datum 21.08.2007
Kommentare 15

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andre989 ist offline Geschrieben von: andre989 am 29.12.2007 - 21:36   #15

xam ist offline Geschrieben von: xam am 31.10.2007 - 09:24   #14

Bluesky ist offline Geschrieben von: Bluesky am 14.09.2007 - 19:43   #13
ey hamma karre^^

smysch ist offline Geschrieben von: smysch am 22.08.2007 - 21:01   #12
oops sorry. Ok! I will wait for u can test this car on your computer. Car is great, i really hope that you solve this problems!

mashinata ist offline Geschrieben von: mashinata am 22.08.2007 - 17:46   #11
My SA doesn't work like i said in the readme, i've never tested this car, that's why i'm asking.

smysch ist offline Geschrieben von: smysch am 22.08.2007 - 17:02   #10
Wheel mod from Archer and Lexani wheels pack.
Download and try to use. I can't explain it english =(

mashinata ist offline Geschrieben von: mashinata am 22.08.2007 - 15:49   #9
What about the wheel packs compability, i think everything is fine..?

About the windows, there will be my light tuning version with tinted windows, dark grey or black rims, different brake calipers, carbon or aluminium instead wood in the interior, darker headlights and other things. :o

gta_source ist offline Geschrieben von: gta_source am 22.08.2007 - 13:40   #8
Im waiting for this car since weeks and its very cool! thx

smysch ist offline Geschrieben von: smysch am 22.08.2007 - 12:59   #7
Car is very nice. 2 things i don't like.
1)Compability with wheel packs. (lexani)
2)Transparent glass. With black windows toning, car loook better. Question: is it possible? Sorry for my english

Jimmy Page ist offline Geschrieben von: Jimmy Page am 22.08.2007 - 12:28   #6
If you don't like this car! You musn't write a comment!

Goga ist offline Geschrieben von: Goga am 22.08.2007 - 10:19   #5
The orange color and the model are very nice, but I hate this Mercedes. It looks like an Asian shit ... heulend

MasterKiller ist offline Geschrieben von: MasterKiller am 22.08.2007 - 09:48   #4
lol, your are my man grosses Lachen gj my friend verliebt :p

GTA4EVER ist offline Geschrieben von: GTA4EVER am 22.08.2007 - 09:12   #3

GTA4EVER ist offline Geschrieben von: GTA4EVER am 22.08.2007 - 09:09   #2

MitchY ist offline Geschrieben von: MitchY am 22.08.2007 - 07:20   #1
Nice car man good job grosses Lachen i love it verliebt


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