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Mods SAMODS Halo3 X-box 360 skin
03.10.2007 von EFC, DoteStudios
Halo3 X-box 360 skin

Halo3 X-box 360 skin
Original by: EFC
Halo3 skin by: DoteStudios

This mode will replace game console in CJ houses to Xbox 360.
Archive contains 2 models for yours choose (horizontal & vertical,
also the Halo 3 texture).

Install note: – just replace files in gta_int.img
For right collusion – replace props.col in gta_int.img, and add the SWANK_CONSOLE.col

Hope you enjoy this mode. glücklich

piohh: @DoteStudios
sorry I fogot this Mod glücklich
Grösse 2,7 MB
Downloads 11132
Datum 03.10.2007
Kommentare 2

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Defender ist offline Geschrieben von: Defender am 01.11.2007 - 18:48   #2
Great Mod, looks nice

EFC ist offline Geschrieben von: EFC am 29.10.2007 - 21:06   #1
hi everyone !
i found this mod on the Author: write in readme that it is his mode.....
"-----Skin Made by Steu and Model Made by Steu----"
e-mail is ärgerlich

Edit By Piohh: I clear this problem,
I think tomorrow the File is down glücklich


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