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03.10.2007 von EA Games, converted by IKEY07

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Update: Better specular on wheels

Orginal Author:EA Games Need for Speed™ Underground2
Interior by =K I/I H O=
Converted by IKEY07
Author Email

What you get...

1. New Car model
2. All working parts
3. Working with HQ Light Mod v.2

The car uses HQLM V2 for lights
Download HQLM
Grösse 1,5 MB
Downloads 27623
Datum 03.10.2007
Kommentare 12

Wertung ø 8,00
1 Stimme(n)

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Sinsite ist offline Geschrieben von: Sinsite am 01.08.2008 - 22:48   #12
Nice work man. 10/10 P glücklich

Sandwich12 ist offline Geschrieben von: Sandwich12 am 20.02.2008 - 16:47   #11
Car for 10/10 points. Really 9/10, but this is Arnold car lachend

Vtaliuk ist offline Geschrieben von: Vtaliuk am 05.10.2007 - 22:21   #10
Thnx man!

ikey07 ist offline Geschrieben von: ikey07 am 04.10.2007 - 23:10   #9
all my mods and updates.

ikey07 ist offline Geschrieben von: ikey07 am 04.10.2007 - 23:08   #8
OK I soon creat with HWD lights on.

Vtaliuk ist offline Geschrieben von: Vtaliuk am 04.10.2007 - 20:50   #7
This lights are HWD(I think) lights which are always on, I mean they are and turnlights and HWD lights. Look here:
Did you see GreenGiants Hummer converted by 91RS? There light are working correctly

ikey07 ist offline Geschrieben von: ikey07 am 04.10.2007 - 19:56   #6
Other lights on this car is turnlights and in GTA:SA is not turnlights.

Vtaliuk ist offline Geschrieben von: Vtaliuk am 04.10.2007 - 19:43   #5
Yeah, it's the best Hummer at the moment and convert is nice too. The only thing that you cold do better is light, not only lights on roof should be working, but lights on the front on the car and side lights too. Look what I mean:

hotdogs ist offline Geschrieben von: hotdogs am 04.10.2007 - 18:16   #4
nice car! zwinkern

OG-Jay ist offline Geschrieben von: OG-Jay am 04.10.2007 - 06:09   #3
I give you 10 points.

ikey07 ist offline Geschrieben von: ikey07 am 03.10.2007 - 22:18   #2
Well... I try it, but not at this mounth I working with Mazda mx5, for more mods and information visit

Goga ist offline Geschrieben von: Goga am 03.10.2007 - 21:36   #1
While I was opening this file, i thinked : "It will be another ugly tenth Hummer for SA", but I was dazed. It's the BEST HUMMER fo SA I've ever seen, and it will be AMAZING, if you will convert Undrgrnd tuning parts in SA on this Hum too. If you will do it, I will be consterned. überrascht überrascht überrascht


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