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Polizei SA Crown Miami Date
06.10.2007 von schaefft, Rob Zombi
Crown Miami Date

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2003 Crown Victoria Miami Date Police
Update: 20:42h
Original Author: Schaefft
Author Email
Skin by: Rob Zombi

This car is exclusive for 30 days after release on:
Downloads, Community, Have more Fun
Ascendence the Revolution Junkyard Forums


- high detailed exterior, interior and underbody
- tuning at transfender
- realistic 4-door damagemodel
- SA changeable number plates
- blows up when bullet hits the gas-tank cap
- front- and rear-Sa-lights
- custom handling
- custom shadow and collision
- template included

Special Thanks to:

Piohh for friendship, handling, paintjobs and testing
greciandelight for police and taxi paintjobs

RichardP. for lightbars
oXXy::Boo!Tirane•Â·Â°.for handling
hertaboy2 for paintjob
shark93 for paintjob
Chager for paintjob
Kormci for paintjob
th3doom for paintjob
BigTwingo for friendship
Rastaman for help with collision and shadowmesh
Chezy for friendship
GTAMallorca for friendship
All the betatester
Escandero for friendship
Degget for friendship, support and showing me how to texture models in 3d studio max
Jay for the link to the tutorials, support, help and friendship
redstar for the really good videotutorials
Ford for that wonderful car
Discreet for 3D Studio Max7
and all the guys at the gta-inside and gta-worldmods forum
Grösse 3,1 MB
Downloads 5260
Datum 06.10.2007
Kommentare 4

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Defender ist offline Geschrieben von: Defender am 06.10.2007 - 21:13   #4
delete Cache, I see a new picture lachend

Rob Zombie ist offline Geschrieben von: Rob Zombie am 06.10.2007 - 20:48   #3
piohh is this the new? Why didn't you make any pictures? I mean this is the old 1...

hotdogs ist offline Geschrieben von: hotdogs am 06.10.2007 - 11:31   #2
Cooooool !!! verliebt

Rob Zombie ist offline Geschrieben von: Rob Zombie am 06.10.2007 - 10:42   #1
Piohh I got bad news. I'm remaking this skin. So can you name this to an alpha version? I didn't have the rear part of the vehicle, but know that I have it I'm remaking it. Can you overwrite this file if I'll be ready with the new skin?
thanks and sorry ^^


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