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Ford SA Ford Mustang GT '03
20.12.2007 von EA Games NFSPS, RepoMan
Ford Mustang GT '03

Ford Mustang GT '03

Author: EA Games : Nfs Pro Street
Converted and edited : RepoMan

EA Games and Koster for getting me the files

Its a fantastic car

transfender bits

The car uses HQLM V2 for lights
Download HQLM
Grösse 1,7 MB
Downloads 19788
Datum 20.12.2007
Kommentare 7

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Schaefft ist offline Geschrieben von: Schaefft am 21.12.2007 - 18:46   #7
Sehr geiler Wagen und sehr geiler convert! Ist auch mein Lieblingsmustung, also ein absolutes Muss. Downloaden! grosses Lachen

bim ist offline Geschrieben von: bim am 20.12.2007 - 18:17   #6

Jonathan ist offline Geschrieben von: Jonathan am 20.12.2007 - 17:43   #5
@ Log1c: when i have a car that doesn't have a carcols line included, i just use the carcols line of the car it replaces. Yet i also hoped for a carcols line, as the original bright red is not in the Alpha line, but the colors are good enough imo, and there's at least 2 red colors that look almost like that missing colorglücklich

ikey07 ist offline Geschrieben von: ikey07 am 20.12.2007 - 17:36   #4
Great car!

Log1c ist offline Geschrieben von: Log1c am 20.12.2007 - 16:53   #3
anyone got a good carcols-line for me :> gelangweilt

gta_lover ist offline Geschrieben von: gta_lover am 20.12.2007 - 11:45   #2
Oh yeah now that's what i call a real car. Thanks man for this beautiful version of stock mustang.

Jonathan ist offline Geschrieben von: Jonathan am 20.12.2007 - 10:57   #1
This car looks awesome, i like the stock version very very much! Thanks for converting this one, i don't think we already had a stock version of this!


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