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Maps SAMODS Dover International Speedway
22.01.2008 von Toca, conversion and edition: Super Mário
Dover International Speedway

Ascendence the Revolution

Dover International Speedway

Author: Codemasters (ToCA Race Driver 3)
Conversion and edition: Super Mário, member of
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The map is located between San Fierro and that little village (where is located the Boat School) on the other side of Golden Gate bridge.
To access it there is a bridge that starts on that little village.

- GRIM, who told me wich program I should use to start modding and what I should mod at first, he gave me the correct "passport" to enter in the modding world, thanks a lot mate!
- Oscarw_89 for teaching me important steps while making the model and for helping me using real textures.
- Aboodilatif for the telling me about the dynamic.col file, without it it would be impossible place this model ingame.
- Kotton and Piohh for friendship and support.
- The authors of MapEditor, MTA Map Editor and Kam (for the scripts for 3D Studio Max).
- ZAZ for the great racing script, he's the author of it, so you can race there with the game AI because of him!
- My beta tester and friend 350Z aka Wilson for testing the track.
- All the other persons at Ascendence that I forgot :P.
Grösse 3,7 MB
Downloads 6548
Datum 22.01.2008
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ayjra ist offline Geschrieben von: ayjra am 23.01.2008 - 00:39   #1
dont know, maybe im 2 stupid 2 install this correctly... but in my gta this mod looks really crappy... there are just 3 roads flying in the air and some buildings like THE VISAGE just standing in the water.... just as if this would be a kind of a gigantic bug or somethin... on the pics i cant see what it should look like... but if its all that i saw, this mod isnt that good... unglücklich


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