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Hummer SA H1 Humvee
05.05.2008 von 4x4 Games, RepoMan
H1 Humvee


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H1 Humvee

Author/Converter :- Repo
Credit to :- 4x4 Games
Thanks to :- Koster for giving me the files to convert (I know you wanted to do it too cheers buddy),Nik, aboodilatif and all the guys at Exile forums for their freindship and surport

About the mod
Has 4 extras
4 Camo Style Paintjobs, plus a *.psd file template (reason for psd file is due to me cuttong out the actual bosy from the rest of the parts) so you can create your own Paintjobs
all windows, doors, bumpers and bonnet are damageable
Grösse 5,5 MB
Downloads 34133
Datum 05.05.2008
Kommentare 5

Wertung ø 7,00
3 Stimme(n)

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Roman- ist offline Geschrieben von: Roman- am 05.05.2008 - 20:40   #5
I meant the H1 Humvee looks nice!!! I like the H2 too ,but it looks so empty, something is missing!!.... but is ok!! Tahoe is great too!

OG-Jay ist offline Geschrieben von: OG-Jay am 05.05.2008 - 20:16   #4
Roman Nigga, if you dont really like the other Hummers why do you say its a nice car? These hummers are awesome Repo, keep it up. Is this guy an extra, the guy on the back of the truck? By the way like Schaefft i would really like to see the Tahoe too.

Dego ist offline Geschrieben von: Dego am 05.05.2008 - 19:25   #3
nice HUMVEE ! No more H2 please ! hinterhältig But the Tahoe is a nice idea ! grosses Lachen

Schaefft ist offline Geschrieben von: Schaefft am 05.05.2008 - 17:00   #2
noo, the Tahoe pls grosses Lachen

Roman- ist offline Geschrieben von: Roman- am 05.05.2008 - 15:48   #1
nice carverliebt keep it up zwinkern !! can you pls. convert a Hummer H2 from this game(4x4Games),because I don't realy like the other ones!!


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