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Sonstiges SA Sonic the Hedgehog Beta v. 1.0.
18.02.2006 von Pickalini
Sonic the Hedgehog Beta v. 1.0.

Sonic finally realized that Dr. Robotnic is a bitch when compared to the thugs on the streets of San Andreas.
So he's decided to team up with CJ to bust some caps it all their bitch asses.

This is a mod for San Andreas, to replace the Wayfarer motorcycle. It is Sonic the Hedgehog, from the Sega videogames. The actual model is made by Sega from Sonic Heroes, not me. The other parts are mostly all from the original San Andreas Wayfarer made by Rockstar. I do not claim ownership or rights over those meshes. I only colored sonic w/ simple Zmod2 colored materials, no textures, as it says, it's just a beta. If anyone would like to texture this, send me a PM. I dont want to texture it, lol. It might just stay a beta, at least for a while. With that said...
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Datum 18.02.2006
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