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RMS Segwun Ferry
23.08.2006 von austin316hockey, Conversion SA and lots more Brendan62
RMS Segwun Ferry

RMS Segwun Ferry Beta1

Original Autor: austin316hockey
Conversion to SA and lots more by Brendan62
Ascendence the Revolution

A special thanks goes out to Jon the original author of this beautiful ferry , not only for the work
but for giving me permission to modify this and put it in SA.

This started out as a boat for Trainz but i made some changes added a few things .
This is a beta cos i want to do some more interior and mesh work, add some more detail
and improve the handling

This has a custom col
But it is walkaround and has a wheelhouse and seats. To enter due to its size .......Swim around the side of it u will see a open doors on either side swim in a straight line towards the the ferry . Once on board you will see the wheelhouse
upstairs walk up both sets of stairs and into the wheelhouse and press enter then u can drive the ship.
Grösse 1,6 MB
Downloads 26934
Datum 23.08.2006
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