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Mods SAMODS Real Mod All in One 1.3
10.09.2006 von boy3510817
Real Mod All in One 1.3

Titel:Real Mod All in One 1.3
E-Mail des Autors:lovelrt[at]
The Authors: boy35107, GunMod, The Borg, ParoXum (diabolyX), JLF Company and more..

- New bullet smog (boy35107)
- New vehicle glass fragments effect (boy35107)
- New braking scrape (boy35107)
- New person good traffic light (boy35107)
- The headlight glistens the effect to strengthen (boy35107)
- the street light to glisten the effect to strengthen (boy35107)
- the distant place cloud to paste the chart replacement (boy35107)
- New Realistic blood effects (boy35107)
- New explosion effect. Less cartoonish. (boy35107)
- Chrome system redone for all default vehicles. (ParoXum (diabolyX))
- Reflections and shininess of vehicles improved. (ParoXum (diabolyX))
- Vehicles lights improved. (ParoXum (diabolyX))
- New Realistic blood effects (boy3510817)
- New explosion effect. Less cartoonish. (boy3510817)
- Smaller Moon (boy3510817)
- Time of day synced with the sun setting and rising. No more full bright day effects at 10 pm. (GunMod)
- Ped and Vehicle traffic modified. At peak times, on heavy traffic roads you can have a lot of vehicles, also more peds active during business hours. (GunMod)
- Memory and allowed vehicles and peds overrode to allow more peak traffic (GunMod)
- Relationships between different peds modifed. Gangs more prone to attack "nosy" cops, and etc. (GunMod)
- Police more generally aggresive. Piss them off and feel the wrath. (GunMod)
- Police will use there High Frequency siren more often when police car is blocked by traffic and they are code 3 (Chasing bad guys) (GunMod)
- Police, Medics, Firefighters have a farther "memory" If they drive past a call, they wont forget to return to it as often. (GunMod)
- Gangs will now commit more random crimes that the police go after them for. (GunMod)
- Prostitute types more variable. (GunMod)
- Modified EAX.DLL to try and fix rain sound problems. (GunMod)
- And More............
Grösse 3,7 MB
Downloads 12860
Datum 10.09.2006
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