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Ford SA '65 Ford Mustang fixed
13.11.2006 von GT-Legends, converted by Mashinata aka BMWPower
'65 Ford Mustang fixed

Author: Simracing (GT-Legends), Mashinata aka BMWPower.
Converted, edited: Mashinata aka BMWPower.
Ascendence the Revolution

The car looks great in the game, but sorry not all parts have damaged models, because the black lines between the parts on the skins don't match with the polies or the parts are too low poly and the damaged models will not look good. Sorry about that it's impossible to fix that.
Almost forgot - the skins are very good quality so they're perfect for temlate and you can make your own paintjobs.

1. Features:
+ Front SA lights
+ High quality textures
+ 19 paintjobs / 5 skinpacks (10 made by me, the rest - Hoskins)
+ Custom shadow and collision
+ 16 k polies (damage, chassis_vlo, etc.)
+ High detailed interior
+ Realistic specular and reflection
+ Custom handling line
+ Custom animation when entering the car
+ Nitro dummy
+ Compatible with all wheel packs

- Not all parts with damage models
Grösse 5,9 MB
Downloads 5554
Datum 13.11.2006
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