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SA Movies Amped 2
12.01.2007 von gtastunting
Amped 2

Original von Daffy
Exactly, at this time, this very minute was when the first Amped was released a year ago.
1 year / 12 months / 52 weeks / 365 days / 8760 hours / 525600 minutes / 31536000 seconds
has passed since that day and here we are, one year later with a new San Andreas Community Stunt Movie.

I must apologize for all the delays, i managed to lose all the recordings twice, lose the project files once, had problems with the border and other things that came up which i had to deal with.
You may notice that the border changes a little during the playback of the movie, i have no idea how to solve that and the small pixel font is rather hard to read sometimes.
Also be aware that some of the stunts are now old but they were new when they were sent in.
Fugitive was supposed to be the intro scripter but something came out so i threw together a last minute intro, sorry for that.

Thanks to everyone who sent stunts for this movie and especially to Tackleberry for creating the border and to Turtle Dick for his replay-checking, this wouldn't had been possible...
...or would had taken a lot more time without you
Grösse 281,7 MB
Downloads 1204
Datum 12.01.2007
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