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Cadillac SA Cadillac Eldorado'76 Convertible
28.04.2007 von Klarnetist, skins by DenX
Cadillac Eldorado'76 Convertible

Klarny's Place

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author: Klarnetist (
author of skins: DenX (

Total polycounts - 36000 (with chassis_vlo and damaged details)

Copyright (C) 2004-2007 by Klarnetist. All rights reserved.


- Functional front and rear lights, stop-signals and all lights on the body
- Custom chrome
- Custom collision and shadow
- SA changeable number plates
- damage of fueltank
- Support tuning in LocoLow

Big Thanks to:

-m@x for hosting (
-DenX for friendship, skins and help with textures
-Pumbars for ideas, the help and friendship and for all
-RusLev for helping with 3DMax, for friendship and advice
-Archer for help and advice
-Torzer for help and advice
-EgoretZ for help and friendship
-Spit811 for friendship
-Thorsten Hill for a find, inspiring Me on creation of this model
-Brend for belief and support
-Falkrum for help and friendship
-Forester for help and friendship
-Iris for help with handling
-To all visitors of a forum (Soft-gun, Midnighter, SovietBoy, ( Kukurusina, COM and many others...)
Grösse 1,6 MB
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Datum 28.04.2007
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