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Mods SAMODS Manhunt: Born to kill mod
18.05.2007 von BandiT, Prince_of_P, Krailer, Chester, SWYV, lord fido, Grim
Manhunt: Born to kill mod


Manhunt: Born to kill mod

Authors: BandiT, Prince_of_Persia, Krailer, Chester, SWYV, lord fido, Grim

The head a mod, the converter of the weapon, work with textures, work with text adjustments, weather, clothes, an envelope of models
Prince_of_Persia - Converting people , Support
Krailer - Scripting , Support
Chester - Blood Effect
SWYV - Weapons
lord fido - Clothes , Support
Grim - Model of a hockey mask on which are made new skins

That in mod:
1)New weapons
2)New people and bands
3)New Territories for capture, fights, war between gangs
4)New effect blood
5)New clothes , Including model Cash'a
6)New graffiti
7)New textures for trees
8)New Badges of preservation and additional charging
9)New load screens and menu
10) 2 new weather
And the main thing in mod is spirit of chaos - that actually and tried to make, like it has turned out adequately

Email: Email: (
Grösse 17,8 MB
Downloads 13403
Datum 18.05.2007
Kommentare 13

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