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Chevrolet SA 48 Chevy Fleetmaster Woody C.
13.12.2007 von Brendan, converted by MindFuck
48 Chevy Fleetmaster Woody C.

Ascendence the Revolution

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1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Woody Custom

Original by Daz3D and Brendan
reworked, customized and Converted by MindFuck

The basemodel of this car was done by Daz3D which Brendan converted some time ago. Being not so pleased with the details of the car, I decided to customise it a bit. While doing that, I remodeled about 90% of it by making a new frontend, new underbody and engine, new interior, new wheels, new textures, etc ... You could say it's completely my design, inspired by the original fleetmaster woody, late 30s Zephyrs, 40s fords etc. The paintjobs are a combined effort from TheWurst ( (2), d4f_mac (3), Chager (1), k1real24 (2) and me, MindFuck (4). Thanks very much to four guys for helping me making this mod!

Also many thanks to all the guys from, and for your support! Your help is very much appreciated, whithout you, this mod wouldn't be like it is now!


- 12 Paintjobs (3 Packs) incl. template
- High quality textures
- carcols with 3 colours
- SA lights
- SA license plates
- custom Coll and Shadow
- full high qualitiy damage
- Highly detailed interior
- Highly detailed engine and underbody
- working suspension
- about 44000 polys (w/o damage, extras, wheels, etc.)
- 6 extras (23000 polys altogether)
- tunable with Nitro, hydraulics, wheels, etc.

Thanks go out to:

- Daz3D and Brendan for the beautiful model
- d4f_mac for making three paintjobs for me
- TheWurst ( for making another two paintjobs for me
- Chager for another paintjob
- k1real24 for making two more paintjobs
- TheWurst (, d4f_mac, Piohh, etc. for beta-testing
- Piohh for his support on g-wm
- all the guys from, and for their support
- my girlfriend for inspiration and patience while making this mod glücklich
- everyone else who I've forgotten or who wants to be thankedzwinkern
Grösse 8,9 MB
Downloads 7847
Datum 13.12.2007
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