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26.02.2008 von kr3mlin (Editing)
Concept 3 HQ

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Concept 3 HQ

Editing by: kr3mlin

Well here we are at the third video in the series. It has been a fun little video for me and I really do hope that people enjoy it. It once again shows the variety and depth that can be found in stunting if people are willing to look a bit hard and consider things from a different perspective. Concept once has some really creative ideas and I have worked hard to show them to you as best as possible. I have not edited a major video in awhile so I used Daffy's tutorials to help me get these versions. If you have questions about the stunts please ask them and I am sure the stunters will be happy to point you in the right direction. I hope the editing has done justice to the awesome stunts on show here and that it inspires some people to go out and use these stunts in any video

Have more fun glücklich
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Datum 26.02.2008
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