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27.02.2008 von BLITZ
Romanian Style

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Romanian Style
Author: BLITZ

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Presentation :
Well for some of you, this mod is not so impresive, but to us is something big; why? because all the games doesn't have a translation in our languque.
So the program that all of you know about it (GxT Editor) can change the text from the game; so I have the opportunity to translated the game in mine languque.
And there are so many people from my city that don't know much english, and some of them don't know what is happening in the game.

Why I put 14.000 is stead of 16.374, because 2.376 ( I don't know the exact number) are the names of the authors of the game; I mean when you finished the last mission of the game "End of the Line" and appears the people names. And some words that if I change them, probable the game will crash
Grösse 4,6 MB
Downloads 10745
Datum 27.02.2008
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