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Car Packs SA SA Vehicles Update
16.04.2008 von Trans-Am
SA Vehicles Update

SA Vehicles Update complete Version

Original by: Rockstar
converted by: Trans-Am
Author Email

This mod brings improvements to original vehicules, such as :
路 Better reflections (glasses, body, chromium parts.. The new cars have more reflects than the old cars..)
路 3d extras (antennas, foglights, exhaust pipes, 4x4 shields, side lights, 3rd stop...)
路 better SA Lights (turn signals are now linked with the headlights when the night comes, and the SA Light parts keep their reflects when they has been lighted.)
路 Exhauts and lights haloes dummys are fixed (on the Rancher, Oceanic..)
路 In the complete version, all the vehicles (204 vehicles) are modified like the 9 on this pack (cars, trucks, bikes, boats, choppers, planes, vans, trailers...)
路 The size of the files didn't change, so you can use it when you play SA-MP or MTA !
路 etc..
路 vehicle.txd has been updated too. (I can give you the "HD version", where i put a modified HQLM, etc..)
Grösse 15,8 MB
Downloads 53327
Datum 16.04.2008
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