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Mods SAMODS NOS, Tire & Sound Mod V1.1
10.05.2008 von murtuz90
NOS, Tire & Sound Mod V1.1

NOS, Tire & Sound Mod V1.1
Made by: murtuz90
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What give's this mod:
1. Changed: Tire, nitro(injection), Lanstalker engine(To charged "HUMMER H2") and horn sounds.
2. Changed: Nitro ballons to new.
3. Added "Modified NOS v3" mod (You can pause and continue nitro boost, also you can "ON/OFF Engine"("I" button) and "ON/OFF Lights"("L" button)) and "CLEO Car_parts.cs" script (you can open/close bonnet (Hold "O" to open and "[" to close) and boot (Hold "P" to open and "]" to close.
4. New "eax.dll" (fixed some problems with rain and etc. sounds)
5. Added "matrix_43.cs" script. When you hold the button (On foot: "look behind"(it is possible to put a desirable key); In Vehicle: "sub-mission"(it is possible to put a desirable key)) the time is slowed down and gives matrix effect.

"Natalie Sparks" for inspiration! (
"Universal12" for help.
"Kryder" for logo.
"3Doomer" for "CLEO Car_parts.cs" script.
"Procent43" for "matrix_43.cs" script.
"GunMod" for "eax.dll".
"jax" for "D3D9.dll" (Modified Nos Mod V3 "")
"James Lee Fort" for "Nitro Ballons".
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Datum 10.05.2008
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