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Multiplayer SAMODS SA-MP 0.2.2R3
21.06.2008 von SAMP Team
SA-MP 0.2.2R3

Heute ist der 0.2.2R3 Client veröffentlicht worden.

SA-MP 0.2.2 R3 Client Changes Include:

- Removed all SAC code. This fixes a security vulnerability mentioned earlier.
- Fixed problem with clipboard text not copying externally.
- Fixed time/fog/lighting flickering when the passing of time is disabled.
- Fixed some vehicle audio problems (silent cars/planes/boats/helis).
- Fixed texture lag/streaming popups when many models were loaded.
- Fixed some car mod shop crashes.
- Alternate siren for police vehicles is now synced.
- TextDraw code is completely rewritten. It now works in interiors and will disable with the scoreboard.
- Crashes caused by DestroyVehicle script are fixed.
- Imported some of the 0.2.5 vehicle surfing code.
- Added command /fpslimit to adjust the frame rate limiter. Valid /fpslimit values are 20-100.

For people that are wondering, the term 'Surfing Vehicle' basically means standing on top of a moving vehicle. In Previous client versions doing so caused a lag issue (particularly with boats).
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Datum 21.06.2008
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