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Maps SAMODS You Are Here
24.08.2008 von You are here Team
You Are Here

You Are Here

This is modification for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas by Rockstar Games

Mahmutil, Johnix, Deniska, BandiT, Cashmachinego!, Selik, Smartbug, Reptai1, CHESTER, Zhooles, Kryder

3D Modellers : Mahmutil , Cashmachinego! , Deniska , Selik
2D Artists: Cashmachinego!, BandiT, Selik, Mahmutil
Scenarios: Johnix, BandiT, Smartbug, Reptai1
Scripters: Johnix, Reptai1
Ideas: Johnix, BandiT, Mahmutil, Cashmachinego!, Selik, Reptai1
Animations: Selik
Menu Editor: BandiT
Concept Arts: Smartbug
Blood Effect: CHESTER
Audio Effects, music : BandiT, Johnix, Selik, Cashmachinego!
Video: Smartbug, Cashmachinego, BandiT
Fonts : SanLTD Team
Translator to English : Zhooles
Setup by : Kryder

"You do not think that lacks a good horror mod?"
Most participants supported the idea to create Horror Mod. A team, which included:

Mahmutil (modeller)
Smartbug (arts, sketch)
Selik (modeller, animator)
Reptai1 (scripter, coder)
BandiT (musical accompaniment, decoration)
Cashmachinego! (Modeller)

Development lasted ~ 26.01.08 to 01.03.08
The project was frozen due to lack of time and explanatory scripter.
Later, when everything has already been relaxed and did not think to do anything, Mahmutil decided to revive the project and bring it to the release.

20.07.08 ~ He asked Denisk'y make prelight map, and that is not denied.
Later came time to write scripts and mission. There was need a professional in this case and Mahmutil asked Johnix'a (author recruitment missions Great Theft Car). He agreed to help, and again, all gathered and began to discuss the story, to agree on the powers and duties. Work began in full swing, and here is the fruit of our works you can see in this mod. We hope you enjoy, we have much energy and time invested in this mod!

Thanks for help, tools and scripts this people:
Jernej L
Steve M
Grösse 73,0 MB
Downloads 7461
Datum 24.08.2008
Kommentare 10

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