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Maps SAMODS Doherty Wang Cars Map V1
26.02.2009 von Jeff
Doherty Wang Cars Map V1

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Doherty Wang Cars Map V1
Author: Jeff
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For those of you who do not know the map yet: It is a map where
the car shop (Wang Cars) in San Fierro became higher because
I added another floor and a Cleo Script ensures that there are
also cars.
Doherty is a part of San Fierro where you can also find Wang Cars.
Have a look at it yourself.zwinkern

It is not allowed to offer my mods on other sites
(including Gtaplanet). I don't want to see them there again!!
You need to ask me when you want to change the map or whether
you are allowed to upload it somewhere else.
I am also ready to change maybe the map according to your wishes.
In this case I might even offer another version.
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Datum 26.02.2009
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