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Weapons SAMODS Barrett M82
01.05.2009 von [SAK*]KING_OF_SA
Barrett M82

Barrett M82
Made by: [SAK*]KING_OF_SA
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This mod Replaces:
- sniper.dff
- sniper.txd
- cuntgun.dff
- cuntgun.txd
- sound_027.wav
- sound_028.wav

This mod Contains:

- M82 scoped
- M82
- New sounds

Manual Instalation

1- Open gta3.img with a img tool (like imgtool, spark, alci's img tool...) and import sniper.dff, sniper.txd and/or cuntgun.dff, cuntgun.txd.
2- Extract sounds from GENRL go to bank_137 folder and paste the files from "sounds" there.
3- Import the modified sounds to GENRL and save.

SAMI Instalation

1- First of all you need to have San Andreas Mod installer. If you don't have it get it. You can find it easly in google.
2- Open "install sniper and cuntgun.sami" to install both weapons, "install only sniper.sami" to install only the sniper and "install only cuntgun.sami" to install only cuntgun.
3- Select your game folder (the root folder) and press continue. Then press install.
NOTE: You won't install sounds doing this.

NOTE: Be carefull installing sounds, you can make your SA sound laggy. Make copies before doing it and reinstall as times as necessary to make the bus dissapear (i don't have bugs, so it is possible).

Have Fun.
Thanks for download it.

This mod belongs to [SAK*]KING_OF_SA don't distribute without my permision.
Grösse 2,5 MB
Downloads 31338
Datum 01.05.2009
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