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Maps SAMODS VC2SA FixedPaths v1.0
11.06.2009 von gta-united
VC2SA FixedPaths v1.0

Vice City 2 San Andreas Mod

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VC2SA FixedPaths v1.0

(C) 2006 - 2009 - Vice City 2 San Andreas, VC2SA - All rights reserved.
The license of VC2SA still covers this archive and it's content.

Download VC2SA Beta1

It has been over 2 years now since VC2SA, a modification porting Vice
City, the map from San Andreas ancestor to San Andreas, has been released
and it also has been a long time since the last update now. During this
time many things happened and changed. Compared to the time VC2SA was
created, today we are able to work with excavators, cranes and huge
machines where we created VC2SA using simple stone- and woodtools.

There already has been a paths fix for LC2SA which I created during the
"GTA United" development stage. However I was not able to seperate Vice
Citys paths from this modification to use it for this update, so I simply
recreated it. It still contain some major bugs which might be fixed some
day, but this mod is not under development any longer so do not wait for
it. This update is for freinds and fans of VC2SA. I want to give them the
possibility to play this mod just like they are able to play GTA United -
interacting with NPCs and so on...

Created by: Aschratt
Greetings to rap918.

Also worth mentioned:
AMD, ColdDeath, bStyle, ATP, MAL_ONE, Robin, Chezy, oCain, PARADOXON,
Mardyfox aka Trollforce, Ackermann and those supporting GTA United and
VC2SA. (You know who you are ;-))
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Datum 11.06.2009
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