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Chevrolet SA Chevrolet 'Big Muscle' Corvette
23.01.2010 von Burner, Overworked and Converted by MindFuck
Chevrolet 'Big Muscle' Corvette

1963 Chevrolet 'Big Muscle' Corvette
Author: Burner
Overworked and Converted by MindFuck

Convertion Contest 2010 Car

- High quality textures
- 4 paintjobs (1 ENB-Pearlescent paintjob)
- carcols with 3 colours
- new realistic Chrome
- SA lights
- hiding frontlights
- SA license plates
- custom Coll and Shadow
- Highly detailed engine and suspension
- rotating parts on the engine
- working suspension
- lighting gauges
- about 60000 polys (incl. wheels, without damage and extras)
- 6 extras
- special ENB-version (different shadow and chrome)
- CLEO-script for paintjobs on traffic-cars

Thanks go out to:
- Burner for the beautiful model
- Burner for letting me overwork and convert his beautiful stuff
- Brendan for letting me use parts of the underbody from his '67 Corvette
- Threepwood for his tutorial on perlescent paintjobs
- Piohh for his support on g-wm
- all the guys from, EXILE-modding, Kots Chop Shop and for their support
- everyone else who I've forgotten or who wants to be thankedzwinkern
Grösse 6,3 MB
Downloads 15302
Datum 23.01.2010
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