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Multiplayer SAMODS SA-MP 0.3b R3
14.09.2010 von SAMP Team
SA-MP 0.3b R3

Current Release: SA-MP 0.3a

SA-MP 0.3b R3 is released!

* Added /headmove command to disable/enable player head movements locally
* Negative player score in the browser will show as 0
* Removed the ability of the player to pick up objects in houses like TV's and stereos
* Fixed issue with weapon aiming vectors across different screen resolutions
* Fixed issue with player 3D text labels not showing after gamemode restart
* Fixed crash if you quit the game while spectating a player
* Fixed error in browser with samp:// URL when the port was 5 characters long
* Fixed name tag rendering on RC vehicles
* Fixed issue with pickup streaming when the player dies
* Added head movement incar
* Chat logging
* Improved player and animation syncing
* Improved vehicle syncing
* Files, including screenshots, now save to '/My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files'
* No restrictions on screen resolution size
* Any frame limiter changes are now saved
* Chat time-stamping with the /timestamp command
Grösse 5,0 MB
Downloads 10751
Datum 14.09.2010
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