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Volvo IV Volvo S60 R
15.10.2010 von _NameLess_
Volvo S60 R

- Highly Salon
- there version with tinted and without
- in tinted version of the windshield from the inside is not toned for the convenience of driving to the first persone mod
- all lights function identically to the real car
- all lights shine equally , no matter from which of them " burn "(ENB)
- headlights have reflectors ( ie spotlight shines through 2 glass)
- in Car is present 3 types of body kit (+ stock ) , available as extras

> extra 1 - hood ( stock )
> extra 2 - skirts ( stock )
> extra 5 - hood (tuning)
> extra 6 - skirts (first version )
> extra 7 - skirts ( second version)
> extra 8 - skirts (third edition)
> extra 9 - spoiler

Auto never travels without bumpers and other details (if installed vehicles)
- with a broken tire wheels are the correct size (if installed vehicles)
- there is a fully stock version of the car
- present full lod'y
- illuminated devices in the cabin
-dirt zateksturenna wherever needed
-dirt zateksturenna correctly, including the lod'ah
-inner surface of the car does not get dirty
- thoroughly worked Cola, bullet holes remain wherever it is needed of the normal car (reflection) on the possibility of optimized
- Auto transfer any weave "for 5.7 seconds and has a four-wheel drive
- Auto optimized for ENB
- in karkolse registered factory color
- all glass sweep , you can kill anyone who sits inside
glass break like a real car (with a few shots )
- hands Niko are on the steering wheel (if installed vehicles)
- tried to make the cars of good quality , which just nice ride glücklich
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Datum 15.10.2010
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