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Tools IV GTA IV - Recoverer 2.0.0
23.11.2010 von admin
GTA IV - Recoverer 2.0.0

About this program and how it works / how to use it:
After you have edited your GTA IV files, you start the game and it crashes. Then you realize that you forgot to make a backup. Normally, you now have to reinstall the game! unglücklich

With this tool, you can easily recover the original files:

1. Select your GTAIV Directory / or a temp directory (for example an empty folder)
2. Select your DVD-ROM Drive
3. Choose a file you want to recover or use a scriptfile
4. Click 'Recover' and wait a few seconds/minutes (you will be asked to insert the disc 1 or 2 into your drive)
5. The file has been recovered and the game can be started (or modded) again

Hav a lot of funzwinkern.

You need JAVA installed on your computer to use this tool. If you don't have it installed, the tool will automatically ask you to download it when program starts.

2.0.0: - Completly new code. Started from the beginning again.
- Faster algorithm with failure-detection
- Design optimized
- Windows 7 compatible
- Lots of internal code updates
- Scriptfiles must not have double-slashes anymore
- Update-function added
- No values are saved in the registry anymore. Now with ini file support
- Optimized recovering (the will not be copied to the harddisk anymore)
- When an error occurs during recovering process, the last file will not be deleted anymore
- The search has been changed. It's now an "AND" search. All files that include the whole text will be found
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Datum 23.11.2010
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