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Maps SAMODS Project Oblivion 2010HQ
05.03.2011 von kromvel, Black Hole
Project Oblivion 2010HQ

The project represents a global replacement of vegetation in GTA San Andreas, changes were made to almost the entire flora of the state, added many species of plants. In fact, it remains one of the Oblivion name because many plants are scratch made.
In addition to changes on the surface, it also changes underwater flora, this is best represented in the Gulf on the beach of Santa Maria.

BONUS: the island from Crysis game, and the cave, the location is indicated on the screenshot in the archive.
Fixed all the bugs of version 2007HQ, game crashes are not detected.
This version is fully compatible with the texture pack SRT3 Continue V1.7 and perfectly complements with it.
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Datum 05.03.2011
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