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Ford SA Ford TS50
01.01.2006 von concerted by JGEM
Ford TS50

Ford TS50 !!!! SA convert By JGEM,
member of the ASCENDENCE GTA crew
Orig model from NFS6
- VC MODEL BY Spit811 (SPC)

So here you have it, the list of changes are as follows:

1) The car is now wider to give it a more meaty feel
2) The wheels are now wider, they do stick out a tad but i really like the look :P
3) The petrol / gas cap now explodes when shot
- (shoot the right hand side cap not the left)
4) Supercharger in the hood !!!!
5) Vents can now be added
6) Roof scoop can now be added
7) Hood scoop can now be added
8) Body kit extra
9) Completely re-textured including bodykit to fit the car
10) Wheels are now -1 which means you can add TRANSFENDER wheels to the car and they DONT look TOO thin !! - THX GREENGIANT
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Datum 01.01.2006
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