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Trucks SA Beta Car Carrier, Will load cars (trailer only)
21.01.2006 von converted Brendan62
Beta Car Carrier, Will load cars (trailer only)

Thanks to 3dartpol for trailer mesh
Thanks also to Grungy Harry for low poly Ford Mesh
Not much to say about this readme has all information u need

Things to remember if u have 2 cars loaded take it easy
Dont go around corners fast or brake quickly

With only one car on u can drive at normal speeds (still take it easy around corners or trailer will roll )

To load it there is a ramp at back (invisible) its at ground height which can be a pain as people who run into the back of sometimes end up in the trailer
To unload walk up beside car on trailer u should be able to drive it of
To exit trailer go out the back only

Handling is only average thats why this has been released as beta
If anyone can come up with a more stable handling post it here please..............
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Datum 21.01.2006
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