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Downloads » Panzer / Tanks SA 12 Downloads(s)
M1A1 ABRAMS M1A1 ABRAMS Author: Commando Funebrero...
Grösse 635,0 KB
Datum 28.05.2007
Downloads 29182



New SA Tank Info
New SA TankNew SA Tank Author: MIKEMODS 06 / pcguytech_2005...
Grösse 584,0 KB
Datum 16.11.2006
Downloads 10109



M1A1 Abrams "update" Info
M1A1 Abrams M1A1 Abrams Original Autor:Commando Funebrero Update: 10.10.2006 Converted and rebuilt by Jezoh Email: jezjezohoh[at]
Grösse 621,0 KB
Datum 10.10.2006
Downloads 26944



ATST Crawler v1.0 Info
ATST Crawler v1.0Title: ATST Crawler v1.0 Author: Pinky/ Converted/edited by: Picolini Date: August 2nd, 2006 Site: Homepage: Contact: PM me (Picolini) at Features: -Pinky's Pinkytrax system (thanks so much!) -Rota...
Grösse 3,2 MB
Datum 04.08.2006
Downloads 18715



T90 Info
T90Original by: EA Games Convertion Author: Reinstal E-Mail: The programs those model no ere produced with: ZModeler v. 1.07b ZModeler v. 2.0.4 TXD Workshop 3.5 Photo Impact 8.0...
Grösse 1,6 MB
Datum 27.07.2006
Downloads 11375



SdKfz-251 "Hanomag" & PaK40 Info
SdKfz-251 Autor: AlexSergeev WEB: e-mail:
Grösse 888,0 KB
Datum 08.07.2006
Downloads 13679



PZ-V "Panther" Info
PZ-V Autor: AlexSergeev WEB: e-mail:
Grösse 666,0 KB
Datum 08.07.2006
Downloads 4590



T-34 Pack Info
T-34 PackAutor: AlexSergeev WEB: e-mail:
Grösse 2,7 MB
Datum 08.07.2006
Downloads 8740



PZ-VII King Tiger Info
PZ-VII King TigerAutor: AlexSergeev WEB: e-mail:
Grösse 584,0 KB
Datum 08.07.2006
Downloads 9736



PZ-IV Tiger Info
PZ-IV TigerAutor: AlexSergeev WEB: e-mail:
Grösse 486,0 KB
Datum 08.07.2006
Downloads 8398



M1a1 Abrams Info
M1a1 AbramsM1A1 Abrams orig body mesh from Optimization for game use and conversion to San Andreas Brendan62 1 snow by ALEXE 2 desert camos by ALEXE visit: ***This contains various options for camo paints**** Just replace t...
Grösse 5,0 MB
Datum 15.04.2006
Downloads 14288



Tank T80 v1.0 Info
Tank T80 v1.0Hier ist mal ein Panzer von unserem neuen Partner Grad!
Grösse 428,0 KB
Datum 29.01.2006
Downloads 2148



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