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GTA IV: San Andreas BETA 3 "World Enhancement" Info
Mods IVMODSGTA IV: San Andreas is a total conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto IV, which will bring back the good old San Andreas map into GTA IV, using the powerful RAGE Engine. In this new third beta, new features are added, including, but not limited to mult...
Grösse 1,8 GB
Datum 04.08.2012
Downloads 4871



Hotfix: GTA IV: San Andreas BETA2 Info
Mods IVMODSFor the ones who encounter the mod staying on "Loading GTA IV: San Andreas..." infinitely, an hotfix has been released. The cause was a corrupted vehicles.img. If you want the original GTA IV vehicles, please restore it from a stock GTA IV install. I...
Grösse 84,1 MB
Datum 17.12.2011
Downloads 1633



GTA IV: San Andreas BETA2 "World Motion" Info
GTA IV: San Andreas BETA2 This is the newest public BETA version of GTA IV: San Andreas: BETA 2 "World Motion"! In this version, new features are added, including, but not limited to Radio, HUD, improved map, new lights, etc. IMPORTANT: There is a hotfix for this mod a...
Grösse 1,5 GB
Datum 16.12.2011
Downloads 8060



iCEnhancer 1.25 - ENB Graphic Mod Info
iCEnhancer 1.25 - ENB Graphic ModiCEnhancer is a creation of IcE La GlacE using a modification of ENBSeries from Boris Vorontsov (Boris website : It works perfectly on GTA 4 PATCH It works but without all the effects because of using ENB 0082 version on...
Grösse 58,6 MB
Datum 16.07.2011
Downloads 8556



GTA IV Snow Mod v2.0 Info
GTA IV Snow Mod v2.0** WHAT'S NEW IN V2.0 ** - Cars make dynamic snow tracks, what makes it way more realistic - No leaves anymore on the trees - Real snowfall - Removed "rainy shine" when it's snowing - Road barriers covered in snow - Completly new handling, wa...
Grösse 4,4 GB
Datum 27.12.2010
Downloads 11380



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