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Downloads » Jaguar SA 11 Downloads(s)
Jaguar MK2 1959-1967 Info
Jaguar MK2 1959-1967 Special Topic for more screens and comments Jaguar MK2 1959-1967 Author from Body: Free 3D Model Convert, Edit and much more by Escandero and Soloman79 GWM Modding Team This car is exclusive for: ATTENTION! The car uses HQLM ...
Grösse 4,8 MB
Datum 31.08.2008
Downloads 9597



Jaguar XJ220 Info
Jaguar XJ220 Special Topic for comments and more Pictures Jaguar XJ220 Orginal Author:Atari (TDU) Converted by SeaNorris...
Grösse 714,0 KB
Datum 30.10.2007
Downloads 14943



2007 Jaguar XK Convertable Info
2007 Jaguar XK ConvertableVisit 2007 Jaguar XK Convertable Author/Converter: Repoman Credit to, Atari For original Model Aboodlatif,Nik and Liam 247 for all chats with had about this car Its pure british steal Features: Semi 3d engine built by me realis...
Grösse 1,7 MB
Datum 25.08.2007
Downloads 12681



Jaguar XK Stock + Convertible Info
Jaguar XK Stock + ConvertibleVisit: Wired's Jaguar XK Stock + Convertible 2005 Author:Ea Games Converted,edited,scratch engine by Wired Features - working damage - 4 paintjobs - custom handling - SA lights - SA license plates - paintjob template included *Th...
Grösse 1,4 MB
Datum 23.02.2007
Downloads 15109



Jaguar-XJ 2004 Info
Jaguar-XJ 2004Jaguar-XJ 2004 Original author: Rustamm Converted to San Andreas by Jezoh Email: ( Thanks to : Rustamm for create this nice...
Grösse 2,8 MB
Datum 12.02.2007
Downloads 44960



Jaguar XK Info
Jaguar XKJaguar XK original by EA Games NFS Carbon converted by: Shatup...
Grösse 708,0 KB
Datum 07.02.2007
Downloads 4850



Jaguar E Type 63 Info
Jaguar E Type 63 Jaguar E-Type '63 Original by Star Convert to SA by Escandero...
Grösse 2,0 MB
Datum 26.12.2006
Downloads 10484



Jaguar XKR Info
Jaguar XKRJaguar XKR Autoren: EA Games (Body aus NFS HP2) Oxxit (Räder und Konvertierung nach Vice City) Syrings (Konvertierung nach San Andreas) -MM- (Handling für San Andreas) ersetzt: Alpha Polycount: Body ca. 4800, ein Rad ca. 100...
Grösse 384,0 KB
Datum 09.03.2006
Downloads 2611



Jaguar JXJ220 Info
Jaguar JXJ220Sieht so schon recht sauber gearbeitet aus......
Grösse 3,9 MB
Datum 26.11.2005
Downloads 14529



Jaguar XJ-8 2004 Info
Jaguar XJ-8 2004Jaguar XJ-8 2004 Ein sehr schöner Wagen... ...
Grösse 2,7 MB
Datum 22.11.2005
Downloads 14878



JAGUAR XJ 220 Info
JAGUAR XJ 220Wir haben diesen Jaguar XJ 220 aus GTA VC konvertiert für GTA SA. Superschöner teurer Jaguar vom Author Kazuki. Wir wünschen euch viel Spass damit....
Grösse 367,0 KB
Datum 02.11.2005
Downloads 1845



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