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Downloads » Buick SA 8 Downloads(s)
Buick Grand National Info
Buick Grand NationalHQ Convert of Buick GNX from Forza 3 HQ Interior, Engine, badges and other stuff Nice Damage All parts and Lights working SA Lights & Plate Custom Collision & Shadow Adapted for ENB Series...
Grösse 5,9 MB
Datum 16.04.2011
Downloads 5655



Buick Roadmaster 1996 Info
Buick Roadmaster 1996Features: SA Lights SA Plates SA Damage Custom Col & Shadow Fully tuneable in Loco Low High-Detailed Model A great classic car for your San Andreas HQLM is required....
Grösse 2,4 MB
Datum 04.02.2011
Downloads 6865



Buick Riviera 1973 Info
Buick Riviera 1973Buick Riviera for GTA: San Andreas Version: v.1.00 Replaces: Esperanto Release Date: 24th of August 2006 Polycount: ~8k Moddable at Transfenders Created by FlashG (Johannes Saari) email: homepage: ...
Grösse 685,0 KB
Datum 24.08.2006
Downloads 8219



Buick GSX Stage-1 '70 Final Info
Buick GSX Stage-1 '70 FinalBuick GSX Stage-1 '70 Final by Pumbars Update: 21.04.06 Convert to SA by Escandero Its Updated, reflections and some bugs are fixed !!! Great Car... ...
Grösse 724,0 KB
Datum 21.04.2006
Downloads 15157



Buick Riviera '72 Boattail Info
Buick Riviera '72 BoattailBuick Riviera '72 Boattail body : Pumbars converted to San Andreas Brendan62 Thanks goes out to Pumbars for permission to convert and release his great cars Features SA Lights SA Pla...
Grösse 707,0 KB
Datum 02.03.2006
Downloads 7984



Buick GSX Stage-1 '70 Info
Buick GSX Stage-1 '70Original done by Pumbars for VIce Ciy Converted to San Andreas Brendan62 I take no credit for this model whatsover just converted a great model to San Andreas Also it a good idea to use the reflection maps i have ...
Grösse 904,0 KB
Datum 02.02.2006
Downloads 6249



Buick GNX Pro Stock (beta) Info
Buick GNX Pro Stock (beta)Original done by Virbel/Alexander for VIce Ciy Converted to San Andreas Brendan62 ( Thanks goes out to Alexander for giving me permission to convert and release this car I take no credit for this model wha...
Grösse 1,6 MB
Datum 24.01.2006
Downloads 6949



Buick 1950 Custom Info
Buick 1950 CustomDer wohl genialste Wagen für Gta San Andreas von HarLequiN gerade fertig gestellt. General Mod Info - Author: HarLequiN - Version: 1.0 - Type: Scratch . Polygones: 47194 - Replacing: fbmp_lr_rem1.dff, fbmp_lr_rem2.dff, fbmp_lr_rem3.dff...
Grösse 4,4 MB
Datum 17.12.2005
Downloads 21403



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