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Downloads » Shelby SA 12 Downloads(s)
2010 SSC Ultimate Aero EV Info
2010 SSC Ultimate Aero EVPrograme Folosite: Zmodeler 2.0.7 Zmodeler 2.2.1 3D Studio max2009 TXD workshop Photoshop CS3 Paint...
Grösse 10,3 MB
Datum 01.07.2011
Downloads 3515



Shelby Cobra Dezent Tuning Info
Shelby Cobra Dezent TuningFeatures: - custom rim - custom handling - custom shadow - SA license plates - some Extras - blows up when bullet hits the gas-tank cap (the tank is in the rear of Chassis in the Boot)...
Grösse 5,4 MB
Datum 17.11.2010
Downloads 4904



1999 Shelby Series One Info
1999 Shelby Series One Special Topic for more screens and comments 1999 Shelby Series One Original author : Forza Motorsport 3 Converted & Modifed : Mad Driver EXCLUSIVE for Features: 1. HQ Shelby 1 from FM3 2. HQ Interior 3. 3D Badges 4. Realistic...
Grösse 3,7 MB
Datum 18.09.2010
Downloads 3684



Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe Info
Shelby Cobra Daytona CoupeShelby Cobra Daytona Coupe Original author : Atari, Test Drive : Unlimited Converted to SA by Mad Driver 1. Old Shelby from TDU 2. HQ Interior 3. Original SA Features (Lights, ect...) 4. Realistic Handling 5. Some parts are damageble 6. F...
Grösse 1,2 MB
Datum 26.02.2009
Downloads 2690



Shelby Super Snake '08 Info
Shelby Super Snake '08Visit: Special Topic for more screens and comments Shelby Super Snake '08 Author: EA Games : Nfs Pro Street Super Snake and Converted for San Andreas by KOTTON 20" Alcoa Shelby Signature Rims by KOTTON Features: - Custom Handling ...
Grösse 1,6 MB
Datum 19.01.2008
Downloads 30969



Shelby GR-1 Info
Shelby GR-1Site: Shelby GR-1 Original Author: Atari (TDU) converted by: k0ster ripped by: wired Features: high poly interior shiney body...
Grösse 975,0 KB
Datum 12.11.2007
Downloads 13073



'65 Shelby Cobra Daytona Info
'65 Shelby Cobra Daytona Special Topic for comments and Pictures 1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe Author: Test Drive Unlimited Convert: SeaNorris...
Grösse 475,0 KB
Datum 22.10.2007
Downloads 3631



Shelby GT500 Eleanor V2 Info
Shelby GT500 Eleanor V2 Shelby GT500 Eleanor V2 for SA by Ganjica, edited and converted by Ducati996 some parts and textures used from Carface, aka bigfoot2004's lovely Mustang Fastback All with permission of course from the original authors DESCRIPTION: Ti...
Grösse 3,7 MB
Datum 24.02.2007
Downloads 38823



1967 Shelby Mustang G.T.500 Info
1967 Shelby Mustang G.T.5001967 Shelby Mustang G.T.500 Original Autor: EA Games (NFS Carbon) Modifiziert und konvertiert: FUBAR Features: -3D Wheels -3D Unterboden -3D Motor -überarbeiteter Innenraum -komplettes Schadensmodell -Frontspoiler als Extra -SA L...
Grösse 1,2 MB
Datum 10.01.2007
Downloads 23569



Shelby Cobra 427 Final Info
Shelby Cobra 427 FinalShelby Cobra 427 Final by Yazu & VC-Convert by Teh0wn Update 30.04.06 Converted to SA by Escandero The next great car. Big thanks from to escendero ...
Grösse 601,0 KB
Datum 30.04.2006
Downloads 12990



Shelby Series One V2 Info
Shelby Series One V2SA convert By JGEM, member of the ASCENDENCE GTA crew Hello again, well i have another treat for you; the Shelby Series One. As you can guess ive taken a VC model and heavily modified it to fit with my theme of cars and how i like to implement S...
Grösse 700,0 KB
Datum 01.02.2006
Downloads 2427



Shelby Series One Info
Shelby Series OneSA convert By JGEM, member of the ASCENDENCE GTA crew So here you have it, the list of changes are as follows: 1) The car is now wider to give it a more meaty feel 2) The wheels are now wider, they do stick out a tad but i really like the lo...
Grösse 803,0 KB
Datum 03.01.2006
Downloads 1892



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