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Damaged blue Levi's Jeans Info
Damaged blue Levi's JeansDamaged blue Levi's Jeans Author: Onizka Author Email Have fun ...
Grösse 148,0 KB
Datum 17.03.2008
Downloads 6782



DAF Xf350 Bomberos Info
DAF Xf350 BomberosDAF XF530 - BOMBEROS [Valladolid] (Spanish FIRE) Original Car by JVT, converted by DerDicke modified by RAC...
Grösse 697,0 KB
Datum 16.06.2006
Downloads 2865



DAF XF 530 Fire Truck Info
DAF XF 530 Fire TruckDAF XF 530 Fire Truck (for GTA: San Andreas) version: 1.0 autors model 3d by KvH-DeSiGn and JVT converted by ryder35 futures: 10763 polys (low polys model) new reflection map,specular added liscence plates...
Grösse 942,0 KB
Datum 03.08.2006
Downloads 12499



Daewoo BS110CN Bus Info
Daewoo BS110CN BusDaewoo BS110CN Bus Author: Ken7394 Converted by: Wired Site: Special Topic for more screens and comments ATTENTION! The car uses HQLM V2 for lights Download HQLM Features: -SA lights -custom damage model -custom handling ...
Grösse 1,7 MB
Datum 21.12.2009
Downloads 18683



Dacia Service Info
Dacia ServiceDacia Service (Wang Cars) Author: P@co...
Grösse 575,0 KB
Datum 28.06.2007
Downloads 497



Dacia Logan 2008 Info
Dacia Logan 2008Dacia Logan 2008 Author: scratch by JUVENILE converted to SA by: JUVENILE Dacia Logan 2008 replaces Intruder car...
Grösse 2,8 MB
Datum 13.04.2009
Downloads 16673



Dacia Logan 1.6 Info
Dacia Logan 1.6Dieser Dacia Logan ist von ShinyG gemacht worden (GTA Vice City), ich habe ihn dann fr GTA San Andreas konvertiert. Er ersetzt den Perennial, kann aber auch fr jedes andere Auto eingebaut werden. Inhalteren.dff / .txd, Installationsanleitung, O...
Grösse 1,3 MB
Datum 15.11.2005
Downloads 10776



D1 Drift Pack Info
D1 Drift PackD1 Drift Pack Author: supralov3r Author Email Replace ( what replaced this file )?: hotrina, hotrinb Readme: All handling, vehicles lines are by me ALL Credit goes to FSR for D1 Racer models include: AE86, 240SX Handling is the same f...
Grösse 971,0 KB
Datum 18.08.2007
Downloads 34688



D&G store Info
D&G storeD&G store Made by: Ronin e-mail: ( This mod will replace Ds store on new D&G store Hope you enjoy this mod....
Grösse 314,0 KB
Datum 28.05.2007
Downloads 3429



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