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F150 Hot Rod Info
F150 Hot RodYou should know how to install vehicles by now... Sort of made to replace the hotknife but it only has one buyable color... Thanks to kel/ascendence for his modified Wheels are from Ducati996's Wheel Mod (Used with permission...
Grösse 1,0 MB
Datum 06.02.2006
Downloads 2794



F1 Shanghai International Circuit MOD Info
F1 Shanghai International Circuit MODF1 Shanghai International Circuit MOD V 2.0.1 author :huanxiang H ,hjp533 author email :hjp533[at] author Forum : - - Circuit MOD To make this version : V2.0.1 (update will continue to up...
Grösse 1,8 MB
Datum 17.10.2006
Downloads 10578



F1 Shanghai International Circuit Info
F1 Shanghai International Circuit F1 Shanghai International Circuit MOD author :huanxiang H ,hjp533 author email : ( ( author Forum : ( ( Circuit MOD To make this version : V3.1.5 (update will continue t...
Grösse 2,1 MB
Datum 02.12.2006
Downloads 21780



F1 Racers Info
F1 Racers Creator: sAdIsTiCmAcHiNe Convertor: SeaNorris. For Myriad, obviously. Finally got these done to an extent I am happy with them....
Grösse 683,0 KB
Datum 01.10.2006
Downloads 4485



F-18 Hornet Info
F-18 HornetTitle: F-18 Hornet Author: EA Games/Battlefield 2 Converted/edited by: Picolini Date: August 26th, 2006 Site: Homepage: Contact: PM me (Picolini) at
Grösse 2,6 MB
Datum 28.08.2006
Downloads 23049



F-15 Jet Info
F-15 JetModel is originally by EaGames: Battlefield 2 Edited, improved & converted to GTA SA by: Spy3d Features: 3D & Detailed Cockpit Custom Shadow & Coll. Working Gears Working Ailerons Working Elevators Metal Reflection Accurate Model. And...
Grösse 1,4 MB
Datum 22.08.2006
Downloads 35028



F-15 "Eagle" Info
F-15 Autor of convertion: AlexSergeev WEB: e-mail:
Grösse 657,0 KB
Datum 21.07.2006
Downloads 11869



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