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NOS, Tire & Sound Mod V1.1 Info
NOS, Tire & Sound Mod V1.1NOS, Tire & Sound Mod V1.1 Made by: murtuz90 Author Email What give's this mod: 1. Changed: Tire, nitro(injection), Lanstalker engine(To charged "HUMMER H2") and horn sounds. 2. Changed: Nitro ballons to new. 3. Added "Modified NOS v3" mod (Y...
Grösse 949,0 KB
Datum 10.05.2008
Downloads 21839



Nove planine i ceste Info
Nove planine i cesteNove planine i ceste Authorero this mod replaces few textures and put few xtra palm trees. textures tend to change desert into more lively area,with green hills and some palm trees....
Grösse 2,7 MB
Datum 30.01.2007
Downloads 3645



Novi Mount Chilard Info
Novi Mount ChilardNovi Mount Chilard i nove ceste file "countrys.IPL" copy into data/maps/country folder,overwrite old file. files "cs_forest, cs_mountain, cs_mountaintop.txd", cs_roads,cs_town,logcabincs_t" put into gta3.img archive,replace original files (you'll...
Grösse 2,8 MB
Datum 02.02.2007
Downloads 2236



Nowarez M3 Painjobs Info
Nowarez M3 PainjobsTexture only!!! Cars are originally by EaGames: NFS Most Wanted Edited, textured and converted to GTA SA by: Spy3D Texturen by: Nowarez for BMW M3 by(by Spy3D) BMW M3 Download Car BMW M3 ...
Grösse 459,0 KB
Datum 04.07.2007
Downloads 777



Nowarez Paintjob-Mix Info
Nowarez Paintjob-MixTexture only!!! Cars are originally by EaGames: NFS Most Wanted Edited, textured and converted to GTA SA by: Spy3D Texturen by: Nowarez for BMW M3 & Toyota Supra by(by Spy3D) BMW M3 Download Car BMW M3 Toyota Supra Download Car T...
Grösse 182,0 KB
Datum 07.01.2007
Downloads 1022



NRG 500 Skinpack V2 Info
NRG 500 Skinpack V2Exclusive for: Visit: NRG Skinpack VoLuMe 2 by NicoGamer by Fox-Group - Description: In this Skinpack is contained in, five higth quality textures for the NRG500, for GTA-San Andreas. You can select between the five skins. You ca...
Grösse 548,0 KB
Datum 18.02.2007
Downloads 9114



NRG 500 White Skull Info
NRG 500 White SkullNRG 500 White Skull Skin By: fAbLo Replace only nrg500.txd Include nrg500.dff...
Grösse 399,0 KB
Datum 18.03.2008
Downloads 7192



NRG Nemesis Info
NRG Nemesis Special Topic for comments and more Pictures NRG Nemesis + 2 Helmets with CLEO-script original model by Woofi Author Email overworked and Converted by MindFuck Helmets Converted by Repo Features: - High quality textures - carcols with ...
Grösse 2,5 MB
Datum 04.11.2008
Downloads 22521



NVPP Ford Crown Victoria Info
NVPP Ford Crown VictoriaOriginal Model By Schaefft Converted By Chasez Handling By Rob.Zombie Police equipment by BxBugs123 To place this mod on any website you gotta ask for permission from me (Chasez) or Schaefft! © Copyright 2009-2010...
Grösse 5,9 MB
Datum 26.03.2010
Downloads 2929



NY Plates Mod Info
NY Plates ModGTA:SA NY Plates Mod by offspring444 (aka Cocos Radu) This mod, as its name says replaces the default plates with New York Plates. For Los Santos and San Fierro, it's New York plates, and for Las Venturas, it's New Jersey....
Grösse 638,0 KB
Datum 07.02.2007
Downloads 2875



NYPD Badge Info
NYPD BadgeCreated by {UFP}Pavilion to install: Replace neckafrica in player.img located at Binco under chains Neck africa...
Grösse 105,0 KB
Datum 01.08.2006
Downloads 2323



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