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 Titel  ABC / ZXY
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Downloads » Busse SA 36 Downloads(s)
Mercedes Benz O 305 Info
Mercedes Benz O 305 Visit: ...
Grösse 1,2 MB
Datum 15.01.2007
Downloads 11046



Mercedes Benz O 305 G Info
Mercedes Benz O 305 G Visit: ...
Grösse 2,5 MB
Datum 15.01.2007
Downloads 12908



Mercedes-Benz Citaro Gelenkbus BETA Info
Mercedes-Benz Citaro Gelenkbus BETAConverted by: Puddingpanzer Zippo1979 JohnnyHH GTA Mallorca Der erste Gelenkbus für SA. Super Der hintere Teil muss separat angekuppelt werden. Auch wenn in der readme steht , das dieser Bus nur auf 2 seiten geupt werden darf. Wir ha...
Grösse 633,0 KB
Datum 06.11.2005
Downloads 9140



PAZ 32054 Info
PAZ 32054PAZ 32054 Author: xaker_tm Author Email This Bus is Exclusive for: ...
Grösse 3,5 MB
Datum 02.09.2007
Downloads 15061



Renault Agora L Citybus RATP Info
Renault Agora L Citybus RATPPolycount : 31K Version : 1.0 3D model, textures and convertion by SheryO All wheels by Fredzaza Features : Realistic 3d Model, realistic handling, 9 bus lines + 3 add pack, cool model, .. Softwares used : Zmodeler 1.07b Zmodeler 2...
Grösse 2,9 MB
Datum 23.02.2006
Downloads 22139



Solaris Urbino 12 Info
Solaris Urbino 12Solaris Urbino 12 by Szur A nicely made Polish city bus to replace the Pony. SOLARIS is a Polish bus manufacturer. You may know these buses, as they are quite popular not only in Poland. Simply talking, they are good...
Grösse 673,0 KB
Datum 17.02.2006
Downloads 7216



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