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 Titel  ABC / ZXY
 Datum  neuste / lteste

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VC Gangburrito Info
VC GangburritoVC Gangburrito for San Andreas Original by Rockstar converted & edited By cj2000 Features: SA Motor, Lichter und Numernschilder so wie Tankkappe....
Grösse 189,0 KB
Datum 20.05.2008
Downloads 1163



VC Viola II. Info
VC Viola II.3) THANKS & CREDITS: car and car design by DingSign Dingsing - Viktor Ding Author convert: JVT...
Grösse 1,5 MB
Datum 09.03.2006
Downloads 3609



ViceCity GangBurrito V2 Info
ViceCity GangBurrito V2ViceCity GangBurrito V2 by: jun vist: ...
Grösse 664,0 KB
Datum 23.09.2006
Downloads 2087



ViceCity GangBurrito Version.Beta2 Info
ViceCity GangBurrito Version.Beta2Cool work from Jun last update 17.07.2006 nice to see you create new stuff Greetz Pio...
Grösse 525,0 KB
Datum 18.07.2006
Downloads 1107



Vobus VT Info
Vobus VTVobus VT for SA Original by: Rockstar converted by: Roberto Author Email Hallo, I am Roberto and this is my second converted car. Thx for download....
Grösse 198,0 KB
Datum 10.03.2008
Downloads 1175



Walton with birthday-cake for Info
Walton with birthday-cake for GTA.czTitle: Walton with birthday-cake for Author: Jvt Date: 10.08.06 Supplying: walton Polygons: 94583 Tuning Parts: hydraulics, nitro, colors, headlight, roof, wheels... info: 7.8.2006 have birthday, 1 year! ...
Grösse 2,1 MB
Datum 13.08.2006
Downloads 683



Wessex-Saker-FAAV Jeep Info
Wessex-Saker-FAAV JeepWESSEX-SAKER-FAAV Jeep This car was serving US army in BF2 EA game.....original mod was from EA was edited, improved, converted to SA by NtsRock Features: -SA working lights... -New style reflection... -New edited .Col file... -T...
Grösse 478,0 KB
Datum 27.08.2006
Downloads 3259



Wiesmann Roadster MF3 Info
Wiesmann Roadster MF3 Special Topic for more screens and comments Wiesmann Roadster MF3 Original by: ATARI/Test Drive Unlimited Edit & Converted by Gnome ("Alt+C.") Engine by Gnome ("Alt+C.") Wheels by Gnome ("Alt+C.") This Car is exclusive for: ...
Grösse 2,4 MB
Datum 10.02.2009
Downloads 2807



X34 Landspeeder Info
X34 Landspeederwebsite: X34 Landspeeder (from Star Wars) Created by: Juha "Turpuli" Laaksonen e-mail: ( or ( (I might not answer for months though... I'm really fed up with spam now :P)...
Grösse 190,0 KB
Datum 06.05.2007
Downloads 5170



XCelerator CD 2.0 XL v2.0 Info
XCelerator CD 2.0 XL v2.0XCelerator CD 2.0 XL v2.0 Authors Model: SupermotoXL ( Convert to GTA San Andreas: EgoretZ ( ATTENTION! If you wanna use this model or it's parts for any purposes, please ask authors first about...
Grösse 540,0 KB
Datum 25.11.2006
Downloads 11290



Xeno Da Monster Truck Info
Xeno Da Monster TruckCar is originally by SupermotoXL Designs Edited, improved & converted to GTA SA by: Spy3d Features: 3 Paintjobs Tuning Dummies. Custom Handling. SA lights. 3D Engine. Many Fog lights. Metal Reflection. Off Road Wheels. Full 3D Inter...
Grösse 2,1 MB
Datum 12.08.2006
Downloads 3992



Xeno2 CD 8.2s XL SE v1.0 Info
Xeno2 CD 8.2s XL SE v1.0Xeno2 CD 8.2s XL SE v1.0 Authors Model, Skins: SupermotoXL Convert to GTA San Andreas: EgoretZ ( ATTENTION! If you wanna use this model or it's parts for any purposes, please ask authors first about permission!!! Feat...
Grösse 1,2 MB
Datum 25.11.2006
Downloads 5953



Yugo Info
YugoVisit: Author: Agent BK Original model by: Agent BK Textures: Agent BK Tester: Alexe Description: I got a couple of requests fo this car and here it is... fully tunable in WAA And its SCRATCH WORK!!!!!!! ~How to install: Just launch...
Grösse 682,0 KB
Datum 31.03.2007
Downloads 3669



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