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Banshee GT '05 Info
Banshee GT '05Banshee GT '05 Created by Monitor57 for the Myriad islands Project. Enjoy!! If you want to Mirror this file, please contact me and ask for permission...
Grösse 167,0 KB
Datum 17.08.2006
Downloads 4021



Bandito Madness v. 1.0 Info
Bandito Madness v. 1.0Ducati996's Bandito Madness v. 1.0 for SA All rights reserved. Copyright by Ducati996. Don't support mod theft, it's lame. This model is modelled from scratch in 3dsmax. All textures are done in Photoshop by myself. I have only used a little patc...
Grösse 1,1 MB
Datum 16.02.2006
Downloads 6524



BA-11 Info
BA-11Autor: Du-mont e-mail: Site: ...
Grösse 990,0 KB
Datum 07.07.2006
Downloads 3818



Airport SERVICE Vehicle V1.1 Info
Airport SERVICE Vehicle V1.1 Special Topic for more screens and comments GTA SA "BAGGAGE" Airport SERVICE Vehicle V1.1 facts: - free mesh - convert and textures remod by me (d4f_mac©) - SA LIGHTS - with or no exaust smoke (when you have motor sound use exaust sm...
Grösse 438,0 KB
Datum 15.10.2007
Downloads 9525



2010 Kia Forte Koup Info
2010 Kia Forte Koup Special Topic for comments and Pictures 2010 Kia Forte Koup Original Author: Forza Motorsport 3 Convert to San Andreas: firestone Exclusive !!! I want to say thanks to: All gta-worldmods forumers ATTENTION! The car uses HQLM V2 fo...
Grösse 4,1 MB
Datum 07.08.2010
Downloads 5409



2006 Koenigsegg CCX Info
2006 Koenigsegg CCX Special Topic for comments and Pictures Exclusive for: 2006 Koenigsegg CCX Author: Juiced 2 Converted to San Andreas Ikey07 Author Email Description: Realy great CCX model Realistic handling removable roof as extra1 SA l...
Grösse 2,1 MB
Datum 24.04.2009
Downloads 8150



1988 SLICER Info
1988 SLICER Special Topic for comments and more Pictures 1988 SLICER original model by burner overworked and Converted by MindFuck Features: - High quality textures - special custom Coll for slicing under the traffic - custom Shadow - full high q...
Grösse 1,8 MB
Datum 25.11.2008
Downloads 5112



1960 Caravan "Dübener Ei" Info
1960 Caravan Features: - custom rim - custom handling - custom shadow - SA license plates - Extras Attention: This Car works with HQLM2 and Ducati´s Wheel Pack v1!!!...
Grösse 3,3 MB
Datum 13.12.2010
Downloads 3141



1954 Vintage 24' Airstream Info
1954 Vintage 24' AirstreamFeatures: - custom rim - custom handling - custom shadow - SA license plates - Trailer is enterable...
Grösse 4,2 MB
Datum 24.12.2010
Downloads 7006



1941 Americar Willys Info
1941 Americar WillysFeatures: - custom rim - custom handling - custom shadow - SA license plates - damaged Glass texture - some Extras - some Paintshops...
Grösse 8,8 MB
Datum 12.11.2011
Downloads 1470



1936 Sedan Fordor V8 Info
1936 Sedan Fordor V8built by Oxxit Polygons: body 18431 (without damage and vlo), one wheel 1020 (triangles) Features: - SA lights und licence plates - full damage model - tuning at Transfender - the back doors open to the front This is a fantasy car wi...
Grösse 1,3 MB
Datum 21.11.2006
Downloads 3914



Econis Info
 Econis Creator: _RicH_ Convertor: SeaNorris Using all default lines. For Myriad....
Grösse 152,0 KB
Datum 02.10.2006
Downloads 1250



Caterpillar 966 G II Info
 Caterpillar 966 G IIVisit: Caterpillar 966 G II Author: Fredzaza 5 diffrent Versions include...
Grösse 3,0 MB
Datum 05.06.2008
Downloads 13600



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