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AS-365N US Coast Guard Info
AS-365N US Coast GuardEurocopter AS-365N Dauphin 2 US Coast Guard Author: FireFox Converted to SA by VladyF Texture by Chavez exclusive for: Spezial Thanks to: Firefox for giving me permission to conv it to SA Mamaia Vice team for the great Mod Kotton...
Grösse 762,0 KB
Datum 19.12.2009
Downloads 15967



Airbus A380 Info
Airbus A380 Special Topic for comments and Pictures Airbus A380 Author: Ken7394 converted by aboodilatif Visit: If you wish to host this mod on your site please do not hesitate to contact Aboodilatif Description: Airbus A380-800 + 6 Body Textu...
Grösse 4,1 MB
Datum 28.05.2008
Downloads 46469



Antonov An-225 Mriya Info
Antonov An-225 MriyaAntonov An-225 Mriya Autor: andy-luzak Author Email Notes Where to enter? Stay between four front wheels, then push Enter or F button. How to drop a ride? So, there are two ways: - with installed Spaceeinstein's All In One Mod (Just tur...
Grösse 1,0 MB
Datum 14.08.2007
Downloads 48299



A-10 Wartog Info
A-10 WartogSite: Homepage: Title: A-10 Wartog Author: EA Games/Battlefield 2 Converted/edited by: Picolini Date: September 9th, 2006 Contact: PM me (Picolini) at Features: - Made twin rudders work (function fades out with higher...
Grösse 1,7 MB
Datum 10.09.2006
Downloads 23208



AH-1 "Cobra" Info
AH-1 Autor of convertion: AlexSergeev WEB: e-mail:
Grösse 640,0 KB
Datum 22.07.2006
Downloads 7600



AV-8 "Harrier" Info
AV-8 Autor of convertion: AlexSergeev WEB: e-mail:
Grösse 662,0 KB
Datum 22.07.2006
Downloads 10535



AH-1Z "Cobra" Info
AH-1Z Autor of convertion: AlexSergeev WEB: e-mail:
Grösse 820,0 KB
Datum 21.07.2006
Downloads 21120



AV8-F64 Strike Bomber Info
AV8-F64 Strike BomberThis vehicle is intended to replace the Hydra, nothing else will probably work. This version should be Verdant Meadows freindly, let me know if otherwise. FLIGHT TIPS Taking off: You MUST switch to full hover mode as per normal Hydra for this to...
Grösse 719,0 KB
Datum 05.04.2006
Downloads 7388



AH-1W Super Cobra Info
AH-1W Super CobraTitle: AH-1W Super Cobra Author: De Espona Converter: Liam247 Date: 13/02/2006 Site: Email: Description: A Super cobra helicopter which is one of the most powerfull attack chopper in the modern day figh...
Grösse 3,2 MB
Datum 14.02.2006
Downloads 5339



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