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Benzina Trailer Info
Benzina TrailerBenzina Trailer Original Model from Rockstar new texture and wheels by: Goga Author Email...
Grösse 57,0 KB
Datum 30.10.2007
Downloads 3520



Bitburger Scania R 620 Info
Bitburger Scania R 620Textures only!!! Original Models by: SheryO, volidas New Textures by: gta1588 Scania R 620 Pimped by SheryO Download Truck ...
Grösse 1,1 MB
Datum 29.09.2007
Downloads 7005



Bitburger Skin für Scania Topline Info
Bitburger Skin für Scania ToplineBitburger Skin für Scania-R-Topline Scania (CAB) by funker Wheels by Toni1971 Trailer by: newS Bitburger Skin by gta1588 Author Email...
Grösse 4,8 MB
Datum 29.09.2007
Downloads 11437



Building Convoy Info
Building ConvoyAuthor: Halmqvist Email: ( My new mod: Building convoy with new tecnology: 4 front steering wheels. 3 and 4 axles trucks and 6 axles trailer + caterpillar packed. Autor: halmqvist Caterpillar original model of: fredzaza...
Grösse 4,2 MB
Datum 09.06.2007
Downloads 9011



Biohazard Truck Info
Biohazard TruckTexture only!!! Titel: Biohazard Original Autor: SheryO Autor Texture: Skorpion EMail: Beschreibung: Für den müsst ihr den Scania R620 pimped 6x2 haben Download Truck...
Grösse 917,0 KB
Datum 25.10.2006
Downloads 9081



Beta Car Carrier, Will load cars (trailer only) Info
Beta Car Carrier, Will load cars (trailer only)Thanks to 3dartpol for trailer mesh Thanks also to Grungy Harry for low poly Ford Mesh Not much to say about this readme has all information u need Things to remember if u have 2 cars loaded take it easy Dont go around corners fast or brake qu...
Grösse 918,0 KB
Datum 21.01.2006
Downloads 7898



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