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DFT30 Bugfix Info
DFT30 BugfixCredits: Rockstar - vehicle duisburg4ever - bugfix DFT30 is an original Rockstar GTA-San Andreas Truck, but it had a bug. A tire was missing, because Rockstar gave the wrong name to a dummy How to Install You need IMG Tool 2.0 for install...
Grösse 223,0 KB
Datum 21.04.2006
Downloads 3963



DAF Xf350 Bomberos Info
DAF Xf350 BomberosDAF XF530 - BOMBEROS [Valladolid] (Spanish FIRE) Original Car by JVT, converted by DerDicke modified by RAC...
Grösse 697,0 KB
Datum 16.06.2006
Downloads 2867



DAF XF 530 Fire Truck Info
DAF XF 530 Fire TruckDAF XF 530 Fire Truck (for GTA: San Andreas) version: 1.0 autors model 3d by KvH-DeSiGn and JVT converted by ryder35 futures: 10763 polys (low polys model) new reflection map,specular added liscence plates...
Grösse 942,0 KB
Datum 03.08.2006
Downloads 12508



Dreier Trailer Info
Dreier TrailerTitel: Dreier Trailer Original Trailer: newS Autor Texture: Skorpion EMail: roger.gaberthuel Beschreibung: Das ist mein erstes Download. Es tut mir leid wenn der Anhänger manchmal einfach Weis ist. Wegen der Istallation, das wisst ihr vie...
Grösse 620,0 KB
Datum 22.10.2006
Downloads 3348



Dump Cargo Info
Dump CargoDump Cargo Author: Halmqvist Author Email...
Grösse 965,0 KB
Datum 10.10.2007
Downloads 5275



Double Trailer Info
Double TrailerDouble Trailer Original Model from 18 wheel of steel haulin converted by: Halmqvist Author Email...
Grösse 712,0 KB
Datum 29.10.2007
Downloads 9765



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