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Heroes S.A. Menu Style Info
Heroes S.A. Menu StyleThe Author: James Lee Fort ® The Company: JLF Company © E-mail: Big Thanks: - Bandit for friendship, advices, help and for much much another. - Daniel Wu for support, advices and friendship. - BlinkMan for friends...
Grösse 304,0 KB
Datum 25.07.2006
Downloads 983



Honda CBR RR v1.0 Info
Honda CBR RR v1.0Honda CBR RR (for GTA: San Andreas) version: 1.0 autors 3D model by "seb" converted by ryder35 changement:new version for san andreas new handling new reflection map and specular added features: 22646 polys (low polys model) new refle...
Grösse 614,0 KB
Datum 28.07.2006
Downloads 19212



Honda Sportrax 250EX Info
Honda Sportrax 250EXTitle: Honda Sportrax 250EX Author: Codemasters Converted/edited by: Picolini Date: August 2nd, 2006 Site: Homepage: Contact: PM me (Picolini) at Features: Carcols Compatible Working independant front suspension Worki...
Grösse 2,0 MB
Datum 04.08.2006
Downloads 10102



Honda Goldwing Info
Honda GoldwingAuthor: Dazla Version: v1.0 Type: Scratch Made email: Dazlah[at] Replacing: wayfarer.dff, wayfarer.txd...
Grösse 283,0 KB
Datum 05.08.2006
Downloads 16440



High Quality Vehicles Info
High Quality VehiclesThe Author: James Lee Fort ® The Company: JLF Company © E-mail: James-Lee-Fort[at] Big Thanks: - Rockstar Games Rockstar North for the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. - Bandit for friendship, advices, help and for much much another. ...
Grösse 866,0 KB
Datum 11.08.2006
Downloads 6438



Honda Prelude 2.2i DOHC V-TEC Info
Honda Prelude 2.2i DOHC V-TECHonda Prelude 2.2i DOHC V-TEC Autor: D4Ramm5 Email: d4ramm5[at] Visit: tunable in WAA 4 paintjobs...
Grösse 1,8 MB
Datum 12.08.2006
Downloads 4477



Harley Davidson FLSTF (Fat Boy) v 2.0 + Bonus Info
Harley Davidson FLSTF (Fat Boy) v 2.0 + BonusHarley Davidson FLSTF (Fat Boy) v 2.0 + Bonus Autor of source model: De Espona Convert to San Andreas: Sabbath Black & Brendan62 Bike handling: Iris Optimization, tuning and assembly: Sabbath Black visit: Features ------- -San Andreas lig...
Grösse 1,8 MB
Datum 12.08.2006
Downloads 9079


[Details] clothing Info clothingTitle: clothing Author: Jvt Date: 13.08.06 info: So, clothing pack, 3x T-Shirts and one Tatto...
Grösse 258,0 KB
Datum 13.08.2006
Downloads 444



HOVADO1 - Minicooper tuning Info
HOVADO1 - Minicooper tuningTitle: HOVADO1 - Minicooper tuning Author: Jvt & HGD Date: 13.08.06 Supplying: hotknife Polygons: 81197 Tuning Parts: Hydraulics, Nitro, Sound info: This is czech tuning car MiniCooper by Maxi Pervers TUNING ...
Grösse 2,4 MB
Datum 13.08.2006
Downloads 4209



H2 HUMMER DUB - LOWRIDETitle: H2 HUMMER DUB - LOWRIDE Author: Jvt Date: 13.08.06 Supplying: savanna Polygons: 89983 Tuning Parts: >>>Hydraulics...
Grösse 3,0 MB
Datum 13.08.2006
Downloads 27583



Holliday Info
HollidayTitel: HOLLIDAY Autor: halmqvist EMail: halmqvist[at] ersetzt: utility - utiltr1 Beschreibung: improved journey + trailer for boot - bikes and quad...
Grösse 589,0 KB
Datum 19.08.2006
Downloads 7810



Handling Speed Modification Info
Handling Speed ModificationMit dieser Handling Mod bekommen alle Fahrzeuge Autos,Bikes,Boote eine etwas bessere Beschleunigung und Endgeschwindigkeit. Probiert es einfach mal aus. Ein muss fr alle San Andreas die es gerne etwas Schneller haben mchten. P.S.Alle Schuwaffe...
Grösse 690,0 KB
Datum 21.08.2006
Downloads 12404



Hungaryan Cop Car Info
Hungaryan Cop CarHungaryan Cop Car by: Szabi1991 Email: szabi1991[at]
Grösse 124,0 KB
Datum 21.08.2006
Downloads 2336



Hyundai Accent WRC Info
Hyundai Accent WRCHyundai Accent WRC Author:Warthog & Richard Burns Rally Converted to San Andreas by:y97y For NORMAL HEADLIGHTS and TAILLIGHTS work you should use High Quality Lights Mod v2!!! HQLM V2...
Grösse 1,1 MB
Datum 22.08.2006
Downloads 5837



Honda Integra Type R Info
Honda Integra Type RHonda Integra Type R Model by: Sin5k4 Conversion by: SeaNorris. Thanks to the following people: Sin5k4 - For the model and excellent work. Cerbera - for one of the handling lines. SeaNorris....
Grösse 352,0 KB
Datum 29.08.2006
Downloads 4472



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